Welcome guys, a lot I’ve been going on at our University. It has been fun all throughout last week. Let me ask you this question. Are you sweet, salty, tasty, or even spicy?  It was a whole lot of fun last week as we had “The international Food Tasting Day. I had the chance to taste varieties of food, Viet Nam Spring rolls, German tasty meatballs, Switzerland Fondue de fromage and all more. It was time to taste something different. You can find some examples of the recipes prepared on this day in this article. 

It was also the fashion week. Discover amazing designs from our talented Xamk students who had put in all their efforts in order to let us have a glimpse of their creative handwork. Take a look at the movie review from “Fantastic beasts and the crimes of filmmaking” as well. 

Wait a second! Who is Tomislav Galović.He was here last week to promote the IBNM exchange program. Read more about his interview. Important meetings were also held last week. Educational representative from partners universities were present from France, Netherlands and Germany to promote the Erasmus mobility program.

Lastly, do you want to visit France for free? You will get the chance to learn about the French culture and also discover the French educational system. Dive into this issue to read more. 

Happy Reading,

Elizabeth AKINLABI