Hello lass and lasses!

It has been a long time since my last editorial. How are you all doing? The weather is just playing with us at this point, isn’t it? If it is not unbearably cold, there will be snow showers for the whole day. And the colder it is, the more sunny it gets. Life is just plain cruel.

But anyways, if you are fed up the weather, feel free to take a look at what the INSIDER team has to offer this week.

As Lunar New Year is finally here, Long gives us an insightful article on our most important traditional holiday of the year. This is the third year in a row that I do not get to be at home to celebrate with my family and eat tons of tasty foods, but that is not a big deal. Next off, explore Polina’s trip to Denmark through her amazing experience. That is a 2-page article that is totally worth reading. We also have a fascinating article on the sauna cabin in the ferris wheel in Helsinki by Anna. Our girl Lizzy is in charge of not one, but two articles this week: the usual Profile segment with Heini – a restoration student at XAMK and a poster about her university back home in France on the back page. If you are not aware of the heartwarming project that Lizzy, Long and their team are doing to raise fund for Ablaze Football Academy in Nigeria to encourages youngsters to have a better future, tune into Lena’s article. And what do we know, Lena also delivers another article on Italian Country Night. Apart from those interesting articles, we of course have a recipe from Marija. Keep turning the pages to see what she brought us this week.

That is all for this issue. Have a good read!