Editorial, Kouvola

Hello everyone!

It is already mid-November outside the window, still quarantine everywhere, and what can you do? Maybe buy gifts for Christmas for New Year? Or maybe already start to re-watch Christmas films, listen Christmas music drink glögi and eat piparkakkua? 

I think that Marian will help us with this. In her article, she will introduce us Top 3 places, where to go and what to do in Kouvola in November, also she will share her impressions and thoughts about these places. 

Have you ever been to an exchange student in another country? I unfortunately not, but I am sure that many students from our University have been and everyone has both good and bad memories  Ikram, in her article, will tell you why it is still worth going to study on an exchange, why do the guys  choose to stay in their chosen country what difficulties can you face all this and much more interesting and useful information you will read in the article. 

We have a new member of our team Merveille . In his introductory article, he will tell a little about himself. On behalf of the Insider team, we wish you luck and interesting articles and ideas. Welcome to Insider team!  

Also, he prepared a very unusual and rather philosophical article entitled “Against the odds” related to a football match Spain against Finland and such a thing as “Gijon miracle”. Sounds really mysterious, doesn’t it?  

Now, due to the viral situation in the world, students who came to study in Finland from other countries cannot see their relatives, loved ones, friends for a long time, of course it is not easy! Eva, since she is a student who came from another country, decided to share with us her impressions of how it is to live for a long time, not seeing her loved ones in the real world, but only online, why moving and studying abroad become challenge for her, and what she understand and how she cope with this period and how did she get used to?  

Nowadays, on 27th of November, the traditional Christmas season of sales called «Black Friday» in stores all over the world begins. However, did you know that a day called «Nothing to buy» was invented in Canada to protest American «Black Friday». So, Vlada will tell us more about this day, what word «consumerism» means, what negative effect it brings and so on.

In the cooking section of this issue, I will introduce you to one tasty and easy-to-prepare Russian cuisine dish with the unusual name «Hedgehogs». 

In our regular heading, « Let’s go to the cinema! », Ave Liz brings to our attention to a film review “Memories of the Murder” 2003 year. It is a Korea crime drama film. She will talk about what this film is about and share her opinion about this film. She gave 7 instead of 10 stars for this film.