Cover Story, Editorial

Welcome back to the autumn semester. If you are a regular reader of Insider, you will know that the past year of Insider was more challenging than most. We normally cover campus events and student happenings, but due to the Corona crisis there was very little going on. Luckily our editorial team was able to come up with articles to keep the website (if not the presses) running and we are now back with old and new team members.

Although we have not produced printed issues over the last academic year, we will be continuing with printing this semester, albeit at a reduced capacity due to less people on the Xamk campuses. However, as from November, our management has decided that the crisis will be over (?) and that campuses will be back to “normal”. Let’s hope they are right and that we can get but up to speed with studying and teaching.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the editorial team for their dedication last year, and to those that are now leaving us – some after a short time, others after longer service – I hope that you had a good experience with Insider. To the new staff I’d like to welcome you to the team, and am looking forward to your articles, ideas, and suggestions for moving forward with Insider.

To those students that are returning to campus, I hope that you welcome the return to “live” studying, and to those new students, don’t worry about the lack of people and “life” on campus currently, I am sure we will see much more activity from November on.

As for my Xamk colleagues, we all know it has been a challenging year of providing online teaching, and for many it was a new and challenging role, but we are now gradually getting back to a “normal” routine, although I believe that some have embraced the new normal of remote work and teaching. Is this going to be a new trend at Xamk? Stay tuned for more insights this autumn…

For now, a warm welcome back, and let’s not dwell on how hard things have been over the last year, let’s instead think of it as an experience that has hopefully also taught us something.