Well, it’s been a while that we didn’t write any articles in insider magazine and it was because of the autumn break. Today we are here and we will share new things as usual. We are so happy because many people had joined the campus now and there are no more online studies at Xamk. We met new friends new nationalities and new cultures as well.

It becomes colder and colder here in Kouvola and I’m raring to see the snow as soon as possible and it becomes darker as well. Honestly, I’m not used to this weather at all and I found it also a good opportunity to challenge myself again.  By the way, now our articles will be on a paper version! 

This week it’s my turn for the editorial and as usual, I will give a little debrief about insiders’ articles this week. First of all, our friend Georgie will share with us a useful thing for students ” how to pay Kela?” Moreover, my article this week will be about my trip to Stockholm, Sweden, and how much I enjoyed my time there. And as always, we will have a movie review with Joonatan and our friend Quyen will share with us an article about Science Museums Heureka.

So, I wish you all had a good start and you are now happy that you can meet your friends and make new ones as well!

Have a nice weekend and see you next Friday !