Educational Visit: Teenagers at Kausala High School


Here is my last article for Insider student Magazine. It is surely the end of my Erasmus Program. According to Santosh Kalwar’s quote that says “for every beginning, there is an end and for every end has a beginning. I have so much loved working here, learned a lot. Here is a quick and short article about my educational visit in the little city of Kausala.

Firstly, I had the chance to participate in “Erasmus in school program”. This is a nationwide programmed aimed at Erasmus students, international exchange students as well as Erasmus + volunteers who are interested in visiting day care centers and schools during their stay in their host countries. The programme is aimed at increasing intercultural communication and awareness about foreign countries and cultures. In Finland, it was introduced to explore prospects of studying abroad. You can check more information on/ 

I was very curious about this programme, so I decided to subscribe on their website. Few weeks later I had an invitation to visit Litin Lukio secondary school in Kausala. These high school students were between the age range of 16-19 years old.  During the educational visits, over 15 nationalities (Brazil, Spain, Ghana, Argentina, China, Japan, Croatia, Nigeria ect) were present on 3othof November 2019.  Representatives from different nationalities had the chance to introduce their home country, language, and culture to these Finnish students and contributed to other educational activities when appropriate. 

I gave to students an interactive workshop about my home country Nigeria telling about the culture, food, tabous, etc.   They all loved it because they learned something new. I also learned things about the Finnish culture as well.  At 6pm, it was time to prepare dinner. I had 5 students who were ready to take up the challenge, they wanted to make the most popular meal in Nigeria “Jollof rice” and “moimoi” the Nigerian bean cake. 

The night continued with a big dinner. Everyone seems to be excited about tasting the food made from the different groups. After dinner, it was time to play games and watch movies. I had the chance to teach the “Ayo game”. In English, it is called the “Awale game”. They all loved it. While others play games, some were watching movies while some were already falling asleep. 

At the end of the multi-cultural night, you will be given a certificate of participation given by the “Erasmus in schools program.

Photos and Text: Elizabeth Akinlabi