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Recently, we all received an e-mail from the school about the students and staff about the epidemic areas. The main point in it is that the people who has come from epidemic areas should study remotely, for at least two weeks. This matter is very serious and should not be taken slightly.  

The planned trips of our teachers have been suspended until 31 March and we are informed that this situation will be re-evaluated on a monthly basis. In the e-mail that we received, the word choices are really eye-catching in my opinion. It has said that all the work-related travels have been suspended. Obviously, the reason for that is the institution is eligible to do so. However, I think we should not only suspend work-related travels but also personal trips. Of course,this can not be forced, as educated people we should consider this ourselves. 

Also, it is mandatory for people who come from epidemic areas to study remotely according to e-mail. Then, it informs us that this implementation is applicable to all forms of trips. In addition to that it is advises everyone not to travel. It is essential that people understand the importance of this matter and try to stay in as long as possible. 

I would like to briefly explain the virus one more time to everyone through The Insider. Virus is transmitted from person to person through coughing, sneezing and physical contact through the surfaces with which infected people interact. Try not to touch objects around you unless it is necessary. According to WHO (World Health Organization) incubation period is two weeks which means that when someone is infected, they will feel no effect for two weeks. But some researches indicates that in some  cases the incubation period was 24 days.  

The symptoms start with high fever. Fever is followed by dry coughing. After one week, shortness of breath starts effecting the patient. If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor right away. 

What to do? Wash your hands regularly in an exacting manner. The food we consume and how we consume it is important. I know it sounds not tasty but make sure your meat is well cooked these days. The same goes for any animal source food like eggs or chicken. Also, try to stay away from other people and do not hug and kiss people occasionally. Finnish people will probably have no problem with that any way. But seriously, especially stay away from people who you know has been abroad and who seems like coughing or feverish. 

I hope this issue is resolved all around the world soon enough and I hope no one gets hurt due to it.