Equality and Judgments

We’re in the 21th century, year 2017, and we still hear people, mostly teenagers, talking about the  inequality that represents our society. We hear about people being called names they don’t deserve to be called just because of their race, sex, sexual orientation, or religion beliefs. I myself am a white 18 year old girl from Albania so let me tell you a little bit about the country I was born and raised. Albania is a small close minded country, everything I mentioned before happens in my country, the people are not bad people but they seem to judge people based on what they see on the outside. Albania is just one example of these kind of countries. Other countries that would be in the same set as Albania are Iran, Nigeria, China, Russia etc.

Inequality exists even in the education system, schools. It begins with sexism, teachers giving more attention to male students then to female students and it continues with racism, students with different skin color/or even race being punished worst then students of the same color as the teachers for the exact same act. Then there’s the sexual orientation issues. Being a teenager is a confusing thing so you can’t have everything figured out at your 18s now can you? But that doesn’t mean that everything ‘we’ as teenagers/late teenagers feel toward other people is ‘just a phase’ or a ‘I’m trying to be cool joke’. Being gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, trans, pansexual, asexual etc can be even called a sin in some religions, these people get judged and called names just because they’re out of the ordinary, because they have feeling for the same gender or for every kind of gender. When will people understand that what we feel can not be chosen by our parents or by the society? These judgments begin with the adults and then continue within teens.

On my opinion, life is too short to waste it on judging people based on things that don’t define them as human beings. It would be for the best if we as human beings thought before saying hurtful things to the people who don’t deserve and start realizing that everyone is different in their own ways and we can not try to change that because that’s what makes every individual differ from the others. I think we as students should raise our voice and try to treat everyone equally as they deserve to be treated. I believe we as students can change the world little by little, we can make these little things that would result in lower number of suicide and higher number of smiles on people’s face. Good opportunities should be evenly distributed between everyone, no matter someone’s race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or anything else. We were all born equal so we should all be treated equally.