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Hello there, have you ever heard of event management? If not, now, can you spend 5 minutes thinking about events held weekly by a student organization in your university or powered by a company in your city?

I am sure that you will be amazed by the number of events occurring around you.

But do you know what event management truly is and how this fast-growing industry contribute to global business activites.

Firstly, let’s take an insight in Event Planning. It is the process of planning and coordinating events. Usually, it starts from the beginning till the end, which goes through a number of different steps including:

  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Forming overall concepts
  • Listing neccesities
  • Developing budget
  • Selecting venues
  • Negotiating with third parties
  • Ensuring the flow of event
  • Tidying up after event
  • And moreover

The word ‘event’ here comprises both of informal and formal. Informal events can be EDM festivals, outdoor activities,.. And formal events should be business –related ones or wedding ceremonies.

Recently, it has been considered as an efficient tool in marketing and promoting products. Through an event, a company may effectively communicate to its potential customers and stakeholders as they can directly interact and ‘try’ products presented there, which positively affects customers’ buying behaviours.

There are two sides, which are Client and Agency. Client is known as a company who want to hold an event and Agency will help them to turn it into real life with their knowledge and specialities.

For instances, in Slush 2017, Sun Effect was their event agency who provided technical solutions.

I think it is enough for this week. Stay tuned because I will be back next week and bring you some hints in order to figure out if you are suitable for this cool job or not.

Thank you and see you in my next article.

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