Upgrade your sauna experience!

Mikkeli, Self-help

Time to upgrade your sauna time!

Undoubtedly, sauna is an essential part of the week for a lot of Finns. It rests your mind and body, helps to relieve the stress and just put you away from hustle and bustle of daily life.
Here are some tips which you can use to enhance your sauna experience:

— Add 4-5 drops of oils such as peppermint, Eucalyptus or lemon to the water you spread to rocks. Using essential oils can play a major role in a rejuvenating the body and enhancing the sauna experience.

— You can apply oil not only to breath but also to renew your skin and enrich it with vitamins. Mix salt (preferably, sea salt) with olive/tea tree/baby oil and feel how your body will thank you afterwards.

— Take honey with you and… use it as a scrub and skin regeneration enhancer. Apply when your body started to sweat. The procedure with honey makes the skin soft and resilient and supplies it with vitamins and other beneficial substances.

— Cold shower! Yes, to boost your immune system you can play with different temperatures of the water: start with warm and day by day lower the temperature.

Here we go, if we can be healthy, then why not?