Exchange View: Xamk Mikkeli Campus

Exchange view

Vol 26, Issue 17, 16 February 2024

Embrace a world of student life in Mikkeli Finland where every day unwraps itself into a mixture of cultural diversity and academic excellence. The town is nestled in picturesque landscapes, located on Lake Saimaa, and surrounded by beautiful nature throughout the year. It is a tranquil town and although small, Mikkeli offers multiple campus activities and caters to everyone’s diverse interests. If you are an exchange student looking to conduct your semester abroad at the Mikkeli campus, stick around because this article will give some true insight into the life of an exchange student in Mikkeli.

A short interview was conducted with a current foreign student studying Environmental Engineering at Xamk Mikkeli Campus. He gave a detailed account of his experience in Mikkeli as a foreigner. One common concern for students is the nightlife/networking, luckily there are student associations that throw parties and events often. Having their own party building on campus makes it very convenient and easy to plan and throw events for students.

Student interviewee: Zigmas Jucius

For those inclined to sports activities, there are also a few selections for you to explore. Xamk Sports organizes a range of group sports activities including but not limited to gym sessions, yoga, and even parkour, available for only 25€ for half a semester. Alternatively, if one prefers their own workout regimen, access to the gym is provided to all students from 06:30 to 22:00, allowing them to conveniently plan and go along with their personal schedule. As Finland is a winter wonderland, skiing is of course on the table. There are a lot of tracks for solely skiing which are respected by pedestrians and are forbidden to walk on. In light of skiing, it is also possible to conveniently rent skiing gear at the public library.

Quoting verbatim, the interviewee mentioned that “If you don’t like to participate in sports, you can watch them instead, since there is always something for everyone.” There are often ice hockey games in local arenas and sometimes you can catch student discounts for tickets at the entrance for as low as 5€.  Additionally, If sports aren’t your cup of tea all in all, and you prefer a laid-back, carefree evening, then fret not – there are plenty of exciting options awaiting you. There is a handful of bars to choose from, which makes it easier to decide on where to spend a fun night out with some friends since each bar has its own vibe and ambiance.

In conclusion, Mikkeli although a quiet town that offers a great and comfortable studying environment, also offers a healthy amount of everything. From sports to bars, walking paths to planned events, every season offers a different type of life. Expect late sunsets in the summer to fully enjoy the beautiful nature and early sunsets in the winter which becomes a pleasure to stay in and relax with a good book or TV show.