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Students in Finland are usually celebrating the end of each month by gathering around and chit-chatting  while enjoying alcohol drinks.

Following that, on the 31st of January, monthly Hang-out was held by the student organisation Kupla Ry in Meduusa Studio. It would be more fun if you bring your classmates and your friends here. A variety of board games were arranged with some tables and chairs, but some people just wanted to sit on the floor for more convienence.

To my experience, this was the first time I have ever been to an event like this, quite small and well-invested but happy and relationship-oriented. I had chances to play ‘beer-ball’ which is a bing-bong-based game but with glasses filled with coke or liquer. Singing karaoke was a part that you would not. miss in this day. You, your friends and even strangers were sitting together and singing. No matter how you sing, people, at the moment, do not mind to judge you. After that, they went to a bar in the center of Kouvola and had more fun until the sun is rising. If you have or have not experienced, take your overall on and feel the beat whenever you see the event announced. To get more  information about theme events and parties, you can like Kupla fanpage on Facebook or Instagram, or you will see advertising posters and flyers around school. See you there next time.

Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen

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