Hugh Jackman just loves to sing


Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron

Director: Michael Gracey / Writers: Jenny Bicks, Bill Condon / story by Jenny Bicks

Musical, biography, drama / Budget: $84 mln

Hugh Jackman has been dreaming about this role since 2009. He read about three dozen books on PT Barnum, according to iMDb, in order to prepare for the role, and it finally happened. The Greatest Showman was introduced to us by Michael Gracey and XX Century Fox. The movie is based on real events and tells us a story about one of the most successful businessmen, Phineas Taylor Barnum. As a matter of fact, the guy invented show business as a term, as he claims in the movie.

PT Barnum puts together freak show that rapidly becomes one of the most successful circus performances the world has ever seen. He gives a chance to outcasts, such as a dwarf, woman with beard, etc, to find their place in life. The movie is a musical and Hugh Jackman never hesitates to remind us that he used to be a Broadway musical star and well, the man never ceases to amaze the audience with his singing skills. Supporting cast is also great, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams and others also sing, dance which corresponds really well with the circus performances and feels almost real, considering the weird nature of musical movies where actors, in the middle of a dialog, just start singing and dancing all of a sudden.

All in all, this musical may be considered as a success. The only disadvantage is perhaps the love story which exists there just because it has to. Musical fans as well as those who love Hugh Jackman are more than welcome to see the movie.