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Event: Finnish Independent Day. This event allows you to raise a toast to Finland’s Independency.

Date: 4thof December 2018 Time: 7PM

Dress code: Black Tie translates into a black tie translates into a dark suit with a bow tie for men, and a long evening gown below the knees for women. 

NOTE:This event will be held in Finnish, but you are more than welcome to join us to spend an amazing evening with great dinner and music. 

We will continue the evening after 11pm at Brooklyn Restaurant. For the participants of the Gala the after party is free, but if you want to join us for the after party, you can do it with the price of 3e at the door. Our bubbles are already chilled, and we’re ready to wish all students welcome to spend this special night with us. More info will soon follow on the event wall!


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