Italian country night

Exchange view

After the French country night, it was time for the Italian exchange students to introduce the typical habits of Italy as well as some Italian food. All I can say is that Italy is not for nothing the land of the good food.

First, there was a little introduction about the country itself, as already in the French night. The Italian exchange students showed a map about the different Italian dishes and where they come from which was super interesting, Risotto comes for example from Milan, one of the top fashion capitals in the world. Pizza, one of the most loved and desired food by us students, comes original from Naples, so if you want to have the ultimate Pizza experience you should consider a trip to Naples. Then, after listening to a famous Italian Rapper Duo and sweet tunes like the song “L’Amour Toujours” from the famous Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino it was time to taste the luscious Italian cucina.

As a starter they served Tomato sauce “al ragú” with white bread. Tomato sauce al ragú is a meat-based tomato sauce. It can be eaten with bread as well as with different types of pasta like Tagliatelle for example. Very easy to prepare and tasty like heaven – perfect if there is not much time to cook.

The highlight of the night was the main course, a real Italian Lasagna. A mix out of flat pasta layers, cheese and Bolognese – pure perfection. Although it takes a lot of time to prepare and bake it is worth every single minute that is needed to create this delicious mixture.

Either loved or hated, there is no in between feeling for the dessert that was served. We are talking about Tiramisu, a dessert that comes originally from Venezia and means translated something like “cheer me up” which it does in fact. It is a layering of mascarpone cheese and in espresso bathed ladyfingers. After cooling it in the fridge for several hours the Tiramisu gets its final touch by refining it with cocoa powder. If you ever have the chance to taste it: don´t miss it!

In total: there is a reason why the Italian kitchen is one of the best in the world. It not only tastes heavenly, it also gives you kind of a break from your daily life. Maybe that´s why we students love it that much!

Text and picture: Lena Gelfert