1. How did you find out about Xamk?

It was one of the options for my Erasmus exchange

  1. What are you studying here in Xamk?

I am studying game design

  1. How long are you planning to stay here?

Until the end of April! So the whole academic year

  1. What’s a big difference between Kouvola and your home town?

Kouvola is a lot smaller than Madrid, and only has a few streets that make you feel like you’re in a city

  1. What’s the one thing/person you miss the most about your home town?

I really miss Sam, my girlfriend and I can’t wait to see her soon

  1. What’s the one thing you hate about Kouvola?

Maybe the prices? But that’s for the whole Finland, it’s a lot more expensive than Spain

  1. And what is the one thing that you really love about Kouvola?

The fact that I can bike everywhere and also be surrounded by nature

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