Library relocation

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The XAMK library which used to exist on the campus, will not be here for a while. The building that used to host all those books and computers is currently under repair works so the library was moved to the center. It can now be found right across the Subway restaurant. Although it looks bigger now, it still offers same opportunities for the XAMK students. You can borrow books, work with computers or print something if needed.

There are two problems with the library being moved. Number one is, of course, the fact itself. You can’t use 15-minutes breaks for using the library’s services anymore. If your entire group needs a book and there is only 10 of them left, the race across the campus will now become the race across half of Kouvola. Other problem is the new location. It’s a mall with shops and restaurants  and, as it was mentioned early, Subway is 10 meters away. Even though the idea of grabbing a burger and cola before you work seems cool, be prepared that it’s usually quite noisy there, especially during peak hours.

Oili Valtonen, the Information specialist in library, said that these measures are temporary, it will take at least one year before the library can return. The new facility, however, provides the same services and there has already been a lot of students. Oili thinks that the main reason for it is a convenient location and the fact that many students work or live not so far from the place.

The new address of the library is Kauppalankatu, 13, shopping center Manski.