Last week was the board game ‘exhibition’ designed by our students from Department of Game Design on the second floor of main lobby. These works of art were astonishing and totally handmade or self-prepared. This showcase was a part of their course. Although the event did not attract too many people, the atmosphere was cosy and full of happiness and ‘stressfulness’.

A list of games is attached here and the name that credits go to. If you are interested in any of them, please contact them to try those out.

1. Knight and Dragon –  Kerttu Aalto and some other people.

2. Heroes of Gondolin – Nicholas Leppanen, Hana Mori, Verna Kiander.

3. Hollow forest – Nam-Anh Le, Tuan-Anh Dinh, Sam Reo.

4. Tower defense of the plebs – William Nyman, Nelli Hänninen.

5. Awesometacular Adventure Bros – Juulia Jormanainen, Aino Nissinen.

6. Cook fight – Ida Nurminen.

7. War game – Ilva Hietamies.

8. Ants – Adelina Ford, Santeri Järvinen.

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