Looking for alaska- Book review

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John Green- 2007

Looking for Alaska is based on John Greens early life. He studied Where the book is based on and some of the situations are inspired by that.

The books main character is Miles Halter who is obsessed with last words. His new roommate Names him “Pudge” And introduces him to his friends: Takumi Hikohito and Alaska Young. They made a deal based on Simon Bolivars quote: “Damn it. How will I ever get out of this labyrinth!” Pudge would have to figure out how to escape it and Alaska will find him a girlfriend and that would be Lara.

Things didn’t really work out with Lara and that leads to Alaska and Pudge growing together but they have to keep the relationship platonic because Alaska has a boyfriend somewhere else. They have a group of friends they celebrate series of pranks and Alaska opens up about her past. Later in the book Pudge and Laura start dating, but still Alaska and Pudge spent a night together while being intoxicated. Alaska gets a call and drives off.

The book is divided to two parts before and after and if you read the book past this you can understand what the after is. I really like John greens style of writing and how he captures emotions. This one of his first books and I would recommend starting with this.