Make it December to remember


“Make it December to remember…” 

Chào các bạn!  

Hello our beloved readers, 

December has begun and so let’s make the last chapter of the book called 2019 unforgettable. Well, it might be busy but always right time to give yourself a gift of your own space: Think about the whole year passed and be ready for a journey await. 

It’s my first editorial and I’m so excited to tell you that I’m an official newbie of Insider team. It must be an interesting journey ahead!  

And now let’s take a quick look at what we have in this issue.  

In the section “Profile”, Prakhar got a chance to interview Antti, who would reveal helpful information about a new project called Esport community in XAMK. Jasmine will share her short but interesting trip to Gdansk, Poland. Definitely recommended to those who are considering to explore new destinations with a student budget. Then Lidia is going to tell you in detail about the Conference held in St.Peterburg about all levels of education in Finland, which spread lots of inspiration and motivation.  

Dear book lovers, have you found your own favorite corner somewhere to hide and enjoy the paradise of books, or just to concentrate on doing assignments, projects, etc.? If not yet, follow Muhammet to check out the Kouvola city library. Not only books but many other things can also be found there, such as for entertainment. 

In the end, Joonatan writes an attractive review about the game tournament called Turpasauna 8 in Joensuu and Claudia promises to give you an exciting look at the Lights event hosted in Kouvolatalo Park and City Museum. 

Enjoy reading. 

With love, 

Quynh Anh Vu (Daisy)