New Year’s Reflections

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Life experience accumulates every year and sooner or later leads to a rethinking of your life path. Therefore, I would like to talk about how often our negative thoughts subsequently destroy our plans and ourselves.

Last year, one of the problems was negative attitudes in my head, which of course were based on failures that left their mark on my life. Many of us assume the worst ahead of time to keep ourselves from disappointment. For me, negative thinking was not a problem then, but a conscious choice. I did not notice how much it affects my plans and me, because I thought that I was just making my life safe.

One of the problems I have faced is that the brain is focused only on avoiding bad experiences, so it is unable to think about other tasks, such as the next steps to achieve a goal. You become a kind of pessimist who does not even try to find a solution to the problem but is pre-determined to fail. From this comes the loss of creativity, of course for people of the creative profession, where quick non-standard solutions are needed, this is a huge stress.

Also, your brain is overworked when you constantly expect “a blow from life”. You think too much about the possible negative consequences. This affects memory, the ability to reason clearly and logically. Plus, not suppressing pessimistic thoughts can lead to a dwelling on them. Everyone is familiar with the situation when you cannot sleep or concentrate on work due to the fact that various nonsense climbs into your head. This results in constant tension and stress, which have a negative effect on mental and physical health.

I have often come across the “self-fulfilling prophecy effect” when everything bad that you expected to happen comes true. After all, you expect that everything will go badly, you behave accordingly, and this is how it happens. This closed loop leads to thought disorder, which, in turn, provokes depression.

Negative thinking hurts by overshadowing everything else. It is worth avoiding destructive negative attitudes that prevent you from learning a lesson, finding positive sides in what happened to you, and moving on. In this new year, everyone has a new opportunity to change their lives for the better. Perhaps sometimes you make obstacles on the way to your goals. It is never too late to get things right.