Our Experience at Reima Oy – Student Recap

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Vol. 26, Issue 23, 12 April 2024
On the 04th of April 2024, the Digital International Business Students of the 2023 Spring group visited Finland’s very own Reima Oy as a part of their degree program. Under the guidance of Mr. Hugh Clack and Ms. Sara Czabalai, all the students were in for a treat of unique business culture/ model that Reima has adapted into their day-to-day operations including adapting their business according to megatrends of the world as well as their creative and innovative journey through the everchanging business world.
Upon meeting at the company showroom/ head office premises, at 10.00 am the official visit began with a brief introduction from Ms. Johanna Sarviharju from Reima Oy with an insightful presentation about the company and their products as well as how they adopt certain megatrends like Wellness, Digitalization and Climate change and navigate through the business world by focusing on Kid’s well-being through producing sustainable activewear rather than focusing on being a fashion brand. Her presentation about Reima’s initiatives towards digitalization in various ways also taught XAMK DIB students about the new business environments companies have to adapt to their business models to thrive in their business sector.

She also emphasized Reima’s unique way of reaching business goals through implementing short-term phases which they called “legs” and targeting to achieve their long-term goals by completing their short-term phases. Reima’s initiatives towards sustainability and the quality of their products and business practices are both impressive and important as it clearly shows that businesses can operate successfully if they are aware of the megatrends of the world especially when it comes to Nature and Well-being and properly adapt them into their business models. She also explained Reima’s initiatives towards making a sustainable and quality product where they focus on making a product that lasts for 03 kids which is an important step towards reducing waste which ultimately contributes towards making a better world.
Mr. Bjorn Rodge of Reima’s Digital Development emphasized Reima’s heavy focus on digitalization when it comes to their day-to-day operations as well as their business model in general. Their short-term “Legs” heavily focused on the digitalization of their business in recent years has allowed them to successfully mark their online presence and navigate towards having online platforms to increase their revenues through these channels. Reima’s app development and some of the features that they have worked to meet consumer needs on their online platforms are some of the innovative and creative steps towards converting challenges into opportunities. Reima’s use of Sizebay, Feet Scanning and inclusion of QR codes on product labels are some of the initiatives that showcased how businesses like Reima navigate in today’s business world.

The visit of Reima Oy ended with a tour of their workspace including their offices and workstations where the designing and planning happens and a brief explanation of having a worker-friendly environment like not having a specific workstation for employees and adapting an open office concept was interesting for us as business students.

In conclusion, Reima Oy is a perfect example of how businesses of today’s world are changing their business models and adapting to megatrends of the world to achieve success in their business endeavors.