The end of an academic year – Rest, Relax and Reload!

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Vol. 26, Issue 24, 19 April 2024
Another academic year is coming to an end. As this will be the first summer for many of us, the anticipation and the eagerness to spend a relaxed and restful summer is always high. But first, it is also important to take time to reflect on the journey through the last academic year as it’s filled with challenges, triumphs but most importantly invaluable lessons to both students and teachers.
Throughout the year we have celebrated all the big and the small triumphs in both personal and academic life. From interesting teaching/ learning sessions to student events like food tasting and cultural events as well as educational events like the Nordic Business Forum, we have experienced a new world of events throughout the previous academic year. For some, it was the satisfaction of developing relationships with teachers and classmates that helped them feel like they belonged. For some others, it was the fulfillment that came with finishing assignments or passing an exam. These triumphs act as benchmarks by confirming the advancements gained this semester and igniting the desire to achieve greater things in the coming academic year.

While we celebrate our triumphs, we can’t forget the challenges that came with it. The race against time to meet deadlines of the assignments, relentless battle to keep up with our studies while pursuing our personal/ professional goals while meeting the demands of the university and educators as well as meeting the demands of our personal commitments was not an easy ride for many of us. On that note, it’s important to pat ourselves on the back and say “Job well done!”. Yes, it is in the face of challenges that the most important lessons are learned.

As we reflect on the past, it’s also important to look ahead too. Summer holidays are coming and it’s a well-deserved break from lectures, exams and assignments. But making the most of this time requires thoughtful planning as always remember that we need to prepare for the next academic year as well. While a break from studies gives students the chance to put their physical well-being first. The summer months provide greater freedom in terms of planning physical activity, outdoor activities and good food. All of us need to recover from academic stress and burnout. The summer holiday provides a much-needed chance to relax and get over the stress of the university. Restoring mental balance and lowering anxiety levels are two benefits of relaxation which helps the body and mind to heal. Summertime vacations are a great time to relax and recharge, which is also beneficial for mental health and well-being. we can participate in enjoyable activities, spend time with loved ones and develop interests and hobbies. This change of pace encourages relaxation, reduces overwhelm and elevates mood in general. That being said, we can’t forget about getting a good night’s sleep. Free from academic stress and burnout, summer holidays also provide enough time to sleep which helps students develop resilience, creativity and mental clarity.

In summary, taking time off during the summer to relax and recharge is crucial to having a well-rounded and satisfying time at university. Students who prioritize self-care not only enhance their physical and mental well-being but also lay the groundwork for future academic performance and personal development. So, rest, relax, reload and prepare for the forthcoming academic year. On behalf of everyone at Insider, I wish you all a safe and fun summer! Happy Summer Vacation!