Peter Høeg, ‘Miss Smilla’s feeling for snow’

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I am sure that choice of the books to read should depend on many factors but one of them is season. For winter reading mostly people prefer detectives, biographies and fairy tales but today I’ve prepared something special. My article is about Danish author of fiction – Peter Høeg. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 17th of May in 1957. Afterward he has graduated there as a Master of Arts in 1984. 8 years later he has shown the world his one of the first and most world known novels called ‘Miss Smilla’s feeling for snow’.

This story is telling us about a suspicious death of a Greenlandic boy in Denmark and subsequent different actions. Interesting feature about this novel is its language. Danish language is full of words, which are defining different snow conditions, and in this book there are more than 30 different designations. It was done for a reason. The author uses this method to convey the surrounding landscape and to show the feelings of the main character.

Peter Høeg has written many different books. Here is a list of those, which I can recommend:

  1. Tales of the night
  2. The quiet girl
  3. The woman and the Ape
  4. The history of Danish dreams

Wish you a good reading and nice weekend!