Philosophy of Gift Giving

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When giving a gift it is important to step into the shoes of the recipient. What are his interests? What are her hobbies? But most importantly what are your inside jokes? When picking or creating the right gift it is important to recall memories to show that you pay attention and listen to this person. People love attention. Personality and thought behind a gift will give trays full of brownie points with him or her and ensure that he or she will remember it for a long time. Focusing on one aspect of your time together can help you decide on the perfect stocking stuffer.

The past

Represented by “like” – The past solidifies with each day. Less of the entire atmosphere of the memory will be recalled each time it is accessed – like a phone battery which will only hold a certain amount of charges. With highly nostalgic moments, only the good parts will remain, and if you choose this gift option then the memory will outlast any others. Something that represents when you two first met, or something you think of when you say the phrase “remember that time when…” Specifics cannot be recommended because this is such a subjective gift – it will require the most effort but will pay off with the most handsome results.

The present

The present is fleeting and impossible to catch, but it offers the most stimulation in the brain because it can be felt by all senses at once. This force is represented by “lust” – momentary pleasure. Something consumable like chocolate, flowers, bath bombs for her, or for him: some reindeer meat, shaving gear, or beer.

The future

“Love” – a word representing the future. When you truly believe in someone’s future and you want to show this to them, get them a future-based gift. Imagine their dream – “in five years I want to be doing this…” Maybe she wants to be a journalist – get her a journal and pen; Maybe he wants to open a coffee shop – get him a trinket which would add atmosphere to the shop. If she wants to travel to a certain country, get her a phrase book for the language of the destination country. If he wants to be a music producer, get him the weirdest looking CD at the flea market.

It is hard to say which category would be the best because it is dependent upon your situation. Naturally, the ultimate gift would be a combination of the three. This would make it timeless. If you want an extra challenge, try to unify the gifts with a common theme – for example: color, size, or utility. Just remember to get something that they would want, not something that you would want them to have.

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