Perks of being a pet owner


Coming back home means I will get to see my cat again. After over a year without any contact with her, of course she would still ignore me like usual. Nonetheless, owning a pet is still a precious experience that I personally think everyone should try at least once.

So, what perks can one have when getting a pet? First of all, a company, no doubt. No matter what kind of pets you have, whether it is a fluffy ball of happiness or a colorful but silent chameleon, the vibes that your pet can bring to you is unmatchable. Of course, most of the conversations you would have with your pets are one-sided (except if it is a parrot or a husky), but you still feel like they understand everything you say. A dog enthusiastically waving his tail when you get back home can make your day, even if you have had a bad one. That is one of the reasons why service dog is a thing. I have read many stories about pets saving humans from a fire or a burglar, which emphasizes my point even more: pets can keep us companied, but they can also be the heroes in our lives.

What else can owning a pet bring us? This is purely personal, but I do believe that having a pet can make a person more sympathetic. After all, taking care of a pet is almost like taking care of a human. I know many people who consider their pets their family members. Children who grew up in a household with pets are often very loving and caring in their adult years. That being said, I do not imply that people who have never owned a pet are heartless and cold. Some of my friends would die to have pets but their parents/their allergies do not allow them to.

Whether you are a snake-lover, a spider-lover or just a simple cat-lover, having a pet can brighten up the whole atmosphere of the house, make it more homey and cozy. However, make sure to get a pet ONLY when you are capable of taking care of it. Pets are living creatures, not a decoration or a toy. Providing them with proper care no matter what age they are, is the utmost necessity.

Oh and one more thing: adopt, don’t shop!

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