For this issue, I interviewed Ayla Seyedin, she is a game design student from Romania and also a cosplayer.

Why did you choose to study in Finland?
Because the possibilities I have here which I don’t have from where I come from, Romania. The people here are friendly and the environment of education is much better.

I noticed that you are a cosplayer, so how do you feel about being a cosplayer?
Well I have been cosplaying for two years now, I cosplay for conventions and my own free time. It’s fun to be a different character rather than your personal self.

Do you think your study field is kind of related to cosplay?
In a way. Because they both require imagination and a creative mind, in game design I create my own characters based on the things I like, probably cosplay them and be the character that I am thinking of.

Is there any other interest besides cosplaying?
Crafting. Like usually I use the materials I find around which help me make my own cosplays. I also use materials like clay and other small objects to make jewelries and smaller crafts.

What question do you want to ask to our next interviewee?
Why did you choose to study in Xamk?

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