Proud of you!


Before starting the new year, I want to write to you and tell you how well you have succeeded. 

As everyone knows, the last year was not easy, and I don’t know what you’ve had to experience besides the pandemic, but you have survived it. So be proud of yourself. 

At the start of each year, I make a small recap of the past year. 
In it, I examine how the year has gone and whether I have achieved the things I had set for myself. At the same time, I set goals for next year. E.g., for last year my goal was to get an upper-level education and to drink more water daily. Plus, many personal goals. 

It’s not a New Year’s promise because they are less likely to stay. 

Goals need to be realistic otherwise it is difficult to achieve them. If you tell yourself that this year, I will become a millionaire and you have a few hundred euros in your bank account 
and no plan, that is not a very realistic goal. Or is it? 

So set some small goals like for e.g., in 2021 I’m going to start walking more, keeping track on what I eat, seeing my family more often, trying my best at every class and exams or I’m going to make my business plan. And then some longer-term goals like I’m going to travel the world before I start a family, I’m going to publish my book or I’m going to start my startup business. 

And yes, there must also be dreams and goals that scare and feel big. But still, they have to be realistic. 

I will end this writing with a small poem from “familyfriendspoems” and wish you a  Happy New Year. May your year be productive! 

Poems about Dreams and Goals 

Life is filled with Dreams, Dreams which give our life meaning and inspire us to change. We dream about change and improvement, we set goals, seemingly impossible goals, goals which challenge us, and we dream about the future, when we will reach our goals, when our lives will change for the better. Without our dreams, Life and humanity would be hopelessly dull. 

Sincerely yours,

Merveille Bivu Ndonga
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