Pumpkin spice and everything nice!


It feels great to be back, and to see how many things have changed in our school and there are so many new faces, including in Insider!

Since changes look like this article’s topic, I realized the nature has changed also into a multi-coloured piece of art, it also represents the beautiful cycle of life, the new beginnings and here we are, starting another period in our lives. So, we can say our goodbyes to summer, and welcome autumn with open arms! If someone is still wondering, yes autumn is my favourite season!


In this issue, there is delicious recipe for Scotch eggs, which is easy enough even for me to cook! If you don’t like cooking, then you can read more about the visit of our Indian visiting lecturer; Kusha Tiwari. If you don’t want to read anything, then I recommend you go to movies and watch the movie which is reviewed, there is everything for everyone in this issue! 😉


Grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte, or the scotch eggs (if you end up cooking them), and enjoy this lovely issue with the amazing autumn view.

Hugh Clack
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