Nordic Business Forum 2017



Nordic Business Forum is a 2-day conference, held in Helsinki. Each year this conference provides an experience to engage and exchange opinions, which is guided by some of the best leaders in business. Each year Nordic Business Forum has different theme, this year’s themes were Purpose, Responsibility and Leadership. In each category, they had their own speakers, and they shared their own opinion and experience and gave also some tips to the audience to motivate them to never give up! In this year’s event, there were very famous speakers, such as Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin Group), Nick Vujicic (New York Times bestselling author) and Will Smith (do I need to introduce him?)!


The theme purpose was very interesting to listen, because it probably made everyone in the room to take a deep breath and think about themselves, what is their purpose in life, are we always going to be students or is there any other purpose for us, etc. Another speaker that had a huge impact on the audience was probably Nick Vujicic, and how he explained that failure is not a bad thing, a lot of amazing things happen when the person doesn’t give up.


This year was the second time we got to enjoy this event through livestream on our campus, special thanks to PatteriES for organizing it once again. Just a reminder that the ticket to the event itself costs around 2000 €, so it was so much cheaper to attend this event through livestream.


In the end, I want to quote Nick Vujicic:” Something beautiful can come out of broken pieces”.

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