Sailing Away to the Fortress of Suomenlinna

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Vol 26, Issue 18.

Suomenlinna which is also known as Sveaborg in Swedish is known to be one of the largest picturesque sea fortresses in Finland, consist of six nearby islands. This beautiful historic destination, located only 3km away from east Helsinki is listed as a UNESCO Heritage site. The history of Suomenlinna spreads across 3 different eras from its Swedish origin and ruling era from 1748 to 1808, the Russian era from 1808 to 1917 and lastly the Finnish era from 1917 to present.

It’s only a ferry ride away from Helsinki to Suomenlinna which takes 15 minutes to reach the destination. The ferry service is operated by HSL (Helsinki Regional Transport Authority) where you can go up and down the route every 20 minutes a day. The scenic route through the Baltic Sea is a wonderful sight to witness in all seasons. With a population of close to 700 this island functions just as any other place in Finland with Beautiful cafes & restaurants, Museums and other services like supermarket and postal service.

The most iconic sightseeing places are the Suomenlinna church, the grave of Augustin Ehrensvärd, the Ehrensvärd museum, the museum submarine vesikko, the castle yard in Suisaari, the Rantakasarmi main gate of Suomenlinna etc.

The Suomenlinna church was initially built in the Orthodox style and was later changed its appearance to a Lutheran church style. Anyone who visit the church can see the model of the old Orthodox church and get an idea on how it looked in the past between 1850-1920 before it was remodelled. The signature pink coated Rantakasarmi barracks have been converted into a recording studio, art gallery and restaurant.

If you are ever in Helsinki and in need of a quick adventure, hop onto the Suomenlinna Ferry and sail away to the beautiful Suomenlinna island to enjoy the historic, most iconic and beautiful sights.

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