Sex Education in Mikkeli

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Do you know how to have a safe sex? How to protect yourself from STD’s? What is HIV and what do you need to know about it? Wondering the same questions, a group of XAMK students arranged a seminar on sex education in Mikkeli Campus.

Organizers of this event are international environmental engineering students: Anh Nguyen, Nguyen Duy, Phuong Minh, and Lim Zen Yang. The topic was selected because sensitive attitude towards sex disturbs sharing info about health protection. So, the students decided to start a frank dialogue XAMK community. Phuong says, the support for the event for was provided by Finnish red cross, HIV point, student union Kaakko and the Finnish Union of Engineering Students.

The event consisted of two parts. On 8th of November, the organizers promoted the main event in the main lobby. They prepared a stand, handed out condoms and invited a band, that performed on the stage in Dexi. As a second part, on 15th of November, students organized a free seminar.

During the seminar, students discussed save sex rules, transmission diseases through unsafe sex, HIV/AIDS, and advanced protection techniques. As a guest lecturer, Seila Minttu from public health department was invited. The speaker received quite many questions, most of them relating to STDs and safe sex. For example, what are the methods for contraception or how to protect oneself when accidentally be infected by STDs. Students gave feedback that the seminar is helpful. It provided valuable information and helped them to find reliable answers to their questions.