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Last week, in Kouvola downtown, a special event happened, which was the final rounds for Finnish Student Championships of Overwatch held in Kouvola City Ry.

Kouvola City Ry Stadium

Briefly, Overwatch is a FSC-program-based esport competition formed by Gaing Barracks, a XAMK students’ gaming community. To get the tickets to the final tournament in Kouvola, the best 08 teams of all had to compete against others through online qualifiers. No matter where you are in Finland, all you need is to gather your team and accept challenges to win thousand euors in cash and a trophy for the finalist.

Combatting corner by Jimm’s

On 18th-19th  of November 2017, teams from all around Finland came to our gorgeous Kouvola to fight for the prize. They all tried their hardest but only the best can win which was XAMK Yellow, a team from our school. Please give them a big applause for what they did. And also the others cannot be forgot because of their hard attempts in this championship tournament. During the event, Jimm’s provided a couples of computers for attendees to enjoy the game. It was also streamed and casted  by the most well-known host, Tomi “Tombha” Rinne.

Caster – Tomi “Tombha” Rinne

There was a letter of thanks sent to their sponsors: Jimm’s, Kouvola city and XAMK to make this event happen.

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