The Shape of Water. Movie Review


The Oscars are behind but buzz is still going one in the cinema industry! The triumph winner of the award for the best movie went to a romantic masterpiece by Guillermo del Toro.

The movie tells the audience a love story of a silent woman and a water creature doomed to death. The movie is filled with quiet scenes which actually tell more than any words could describe. Emotional and touching, it can whether make you cry or be a bit disgusted with the events happening.


The movie is very specific but all the critics agree on its significance and undeniable beauty. The soundtracks by Alexndre Desplat are turning the film into a romantic fairy tale. Sally Hawkins is shocking with her acting skills. Not many of us thought the aunt of kind bear Paddington can perform this sensationally! Even though she didn’t take the award for the role, her performance is truly stunning. By the way, Richard Jenkins playing a supportive friend of the main heroine is one of the kindest characters in the movie and deserves more attention than he was getting.


‘The Shape of Water’ proves to the audience that the love is possible and anyone can be happily in relationships. Even if your partner is a bit… wet.