Spring cleaning tips

Kouvola, Self-help

This is the time to usually start deep cleaning your house. Recently I have felt that cleaning is a bit hard because you spend so much time home that the clutter just appears day after day, so let’s talk about some essential things you might want to do. Just remember that everything doesn’t work for you, just do the parts that you feel comfortable doing! In this article I will list other things that might get left out besides just vacuuming and washing your floors

Windows are fairly easy to clean. Just remember to wait for an overcast day and to start from the shady side of the house or apartment. I like to use a solution of fabric softener and water mixed in a spraying bottle. This leaves even less streaks than just using a window cleaner and depending what kind you use, leaves your house smelling good!

At the same time, you wash your windows, I would recommend also washing your curtains if you have any, also cleaning the blinds is good because they collect a lot of dust.

Microwave is a bit tricky. There are many hacks on the internet that could help, but I have found personally that just soap and water can do the trick if you are patient enough. Put on a glove, get out a sponge and start scrubbing! Remember to also get the top. If there are tough bits, I use a scraper for a ceramic stove and that gets hard bits off. This also works really well with ovens. Sometimes the glass parts are rally dirty I use this sponge called “Pata Pata” and that stuff is like magic and can really get anything off.

Fridge is important to clean every now and then. It can collect food bacteria and spillages. Whatever comes off just take off and wash in a sink with warm soapy water and get it shining again!

Kitchen cabinets might collect oils and dust over time. Just get a cloth of your choice and some dish washing soap and warm water again and all that gunk should come off!

Drawers. I recently went over my clothes and drawers to just throw out old stuff that I definitely didn’t need or even used anymore. Just empty everything out and start going through products, makeup, creams, brushes, chords, pencils etc. It’s good to sometimes declutter everything and organize your drawers! Remember to also wash your makeup brushes if you have any. I have used hand soap and warm water for that, but there are dedicated products for that also in makeup sores.

One last thing to tackle is your furniture. Vacuum your furniture and move them to go underneath. Usually people don’t move them for a quick clean up so now is the time to get all the little dust balls under there.