The International Week


Last week, we were at Lyon for The International Week event. I must say it was an extraordinary experience. My friend Tino, who wants to go for an exchange there, made sure as hell that it is worth to go there. But let’s go to study aspects in the end of the article. As you might have known before, this trip was free of charge except the flight costs. Special case for us, we earned money for going to this trip because our flight was overbooked, and airlines company had to pay us more then what we paid to them. So, the trip started with amazing news even before we got there which made us more hectic about it. Jealous yet?

The city of Lyon is 3rd biggest city of France with the population of 1.7 million people located in south-east of France. Enough boring information. It is, probably like whole France, full of arts and museums and architecture. We visited few museums of course with the international week group but there was more to visit for sure. We also had something like our amazing race, but it was not a race for bars but for historical locations in the city. Me and Tino won the race. As expected. I do not want to go to details of the experience but If you ever have a chance to visit Lyon, take it.

Let’s go to details of The International Week. It is a project for graduation. I was held in IUT (Instituts Universitaires de Technologie). In their system, they must either work for 1 year to end their studies and write a thesis about it or they perform an event that takes 1 year to prepare for. The group that choose to do The International Week this year was very nice people. Basically, group of students came together to make it possible and they made a good job. Very tight schedule for us and for them as well. There were students from 4 different countries. Netherlands, Ireland, England and of course XAMK represented by me, Tino and Dori. They made classes for us in the mornings. Mostly about European Union and few classes like our intercultural competence class with Sara and Slaveya. Personally me, loved the classes but I cannot say the same for every student. Afternoon was for touristic events that they planned for us. First day was for Treasure Hunt in the city, then we visited the museum of miniatures, museum stadium of Lyon and in the last day, museum of ‘Confluences’. After each day we had fun events like bowling or pub night. They left Friday for us to do whatever we want and leave. I must say that me and Tino planned to go watch a football game in the stadium of Olympique Lyonnais on Saturday but thanks to yellow vest people, the game was cancelled. So, we had Friday and Saturday to see the city there which we were so sad the whole time because we could not watch the game. Next year, if you have a chance to take part in this event, take it! It was worth it. But this might feel worth to us because we got paid for it but still. It was very nice experience.

I want to talk about a little bit about French people. The stereotype for me was that they did not like to speak in English. Big lie. In the Treasure hunt event in the city, we had questions to answer and a map to find where we are going. Me and Tino rejected to use the map and asked people for the location and also, we asked them the questions like who made this and why. People were very excited to answer our questions.  That was the reason they choose us as winners. And meanwhile, every time we told people we are tourists and have questions they showed us flawless hospitality. The other stereotypes were mostly right. They love the wine. They love the cheese. My hosts, very nice people, offered me wine and cheese in the first evening and few times more.  And they were also happy to speak English with me.

Small warning, city is a bit expensive but if you can fund it, a touristic experience to remember for sure. I will not try to go there for the event next year but that is because I do not want to take the opportunity from someone else. Maybe I will visit again in future if I can make it possible. There was a lot more to see. And taste.