Things to in Kouvola in November


November is the time month when it gets already dark very early. 4 pm feels like it’s already midnight and you want to just curl up in your bed. The lack of daylight usually takes a toll on students and their energy is love. Kouvola usually gets quiet during this time of the year and the streets are empty. Although the city looks dead, there are still many fun things to do in Kouvola, and here are some of those things listed. 

Repovesi National park 

Since the colors of autumn are still somewhat vibrant, why not take a day trip to repovesi national park to also get fresh air. It is a beautiful park that is in the Kouvola city area. The park has beautiful lakes and a mountain called Olhavanvuori. The visitors can take different routes and are a lot of things to do in the national park. For example, you can climb the mountain, row, birdwatch, camp, and even fish in the lakes. You can get to Repovesi national park by bus or even a group taxi that is only 90 euros for four people.   

Arboretum Mustila 

 If you are into nature or just want to walk in a beautiful forest, you should head to Arboretum Mustila. Arboretum Mustila as a park is beautiful and almost feels like a magical place. The park has trees you can’t find anywhere else in Finland. The park also has a cute cafeteria but make sure it is open if you are planning to visit the park. It is only 25 kilometers from Kouvola center, and you can get there by bus easily.  

The model railway museum  

Only less than a kilometer away from the Kouvola center, there is a museum for people that are interested in miniature railways and trains. It is a nice throwback to childhood and can be even a cute date place. You will learn the history of the model railway and for example how exactly the trains work. The museum is a nice meeting place and has a cozy cafeteria to sit and sip some tea. It is worth the visit.  

These mentioned places are a great way to spend your beautiful November days and will take your mind to somewhere else than school or work. Walk-in those parks and get some endorphins. 

By Marian Keinan

Marian Keinan
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