Thor : Ragnarok


Directed by: Taika Waititi

Screenplay by : Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost

Starring : Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Cate Blanchett


Thor : Ragnarok is the latest movie produced by Marvel Studios based on Thor, one of the many superheroes that has been taking our attention for years now. The movie starts with a scene of Thor being imprisoned by the fire demon Surtur(two years after the Battle of Sokovia). Surtur explains to him that Odin, his father, is no longer on Asgard and that the realm will soon be destroyed in the prophesied Ragnarok once Surtur takes the crown with the Eternal Flame. Thor defeats Surtur thinking that he prevented Ragnarok. He then returns to Asgard finding his adopted brother Loki posing as Odin. The both of them go to find Odin and are able to find him located in Norway with the help of Stephen Strange. When they meet with Odin he starts to explain about his firsborn daughter,that no one really knew about, and how she will be escaping from a prison he put her a long time ago, when he passed. After Odin is gone Hela, their evel sister, fights them and during the fight she destroys Thor’s hammer and sends them into space. Thor and Loki crash-land on a planet named Sakaar where a bounty haunter Scrapper 142 takes him with her. Thor then is forced to fight as a gladiator with Hulk, his old friend. After the fight Thor escapes the planet to go and save Asgard. Later on 142 and Hulk joins Thor to help him save Asgard. In the last scene we see 142 and Hulk fighting the resurrected warriors, then we have Loki and the gladiators helping the citizens and Thor facing Hela. While fighting Hela, Thor loses an eye and has a vision of Odin helping him to defeat Hela. He then takes Surtur’s crown and places it in the Enternal Flame. Surtur is reborn and kills Hela and destroys Asgard as well. Thor and the others escape from Asgard. Thor, who is crowned king, takes his people to earth.


I found the movie really exciting and funny. The side effects were really impressive and so were the new characters. We get to see Thor in a new look, getting rid of the long hair and also another part of him that we’ve never seen before, a Thor without his hammer. I would recommand this movie, especially for Marvel Studios fans.




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