Tip Of The week – Time Management



We will be writing different tips for students’ weekly basis and we will cover from academic tips to free-time tips. This week’s tip is about time management. As we know managing our time is crucially important. It’s the skill and the discipline we develop now that will help us in the future. When we start managing our time we will get the feeling that we have a control over our lives. Plus, we will have more time to study and socialise. So here we go! 

Start with being an early bird. Get up early and if you still can’t be awake take a cold shower that will help you. 

Next get a calendar or an app calendar and mark the important dates such as deadline assignment, presentation, holidays, hobbies and exams. Etc. Make it clear and simple. 

Do to-do list weekly if not daily. In this way you will be able to keep track of your studies and work. Make sure to include errands and study time. 

When you are doing the to-do list priorities your tasks. Start with the important task first. 

Get organised! From your study material to your daily routine and don’t forget to clean up.  

Find good study space and get rid of any distractions such as phone, internet, friend or tv. Etc. Also, it’s important to have a break while studying. For example, 40/10 or 50/15.  

Don’t forget to exercise. You will realise you are more active the day you exercise than the day you don’t. Go ahead and try.    

Also, don’t forget to get a good night’s sleep. A good sleep is usually in between 7-8 hours. 

Don’t forget to have you time and socialising time. 

Reward yourself every while and then.