Top things to remember before Avengers: Endgame


One month left before one of the most-awaited movies of the 21st century. While the time is coming, we’ve prepared the most important things that you will need to remember before going to the movie, in order to get the most out of it. Die-hard Marvel fans probably know them all, so we’ve included some theories into the list. Sorry in advance if these theories are correct, which is almost impossible when it comes to Marvel!

  • Half of all living creatures is dead. Thanos won, and Avengers lost – for the first time. It’s new to them, they will need time to recover psychologically physically. Meanwhile, a lot of our beloved heroes are gone as well as half the population of the planet. They need to be brought back. How? Read on.
  • Nick Fury played his trump card right before he vanished. Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel has received Fury’s call for help, as we saw in the mid-credits scene of her own movie and the trailer for Endgame. Avengers now have another player in the field, the strongest one up to date. They will need to thrust each other to conquer what has happened, and while Captain Marvel didn’t have the best introduction to the MCU (you can read about it in the issue from 15/03) she will definitely help the group that is basically named after her to win.
  • Thanos isn’t the only villain we’ll see in Endgame. Infinity War was a film about Thanos – he had the most amount of screen time and his drama was so good that we still remember it. And while there is no doubt that the Mad Titan will appear in this movie, there might be another big bad rising. Nebula was the one in the comics, when she put the Gauntlet on. Besides, last week the deal between Marvel and Fox finally came to an end so we might expect some villain from the Fox’s universe. Could it be Victor von Doom? Galactus? What about… Magneto? Wait and see!
  • Is Loki coming back? One of the most shocking deaths in Infinity War, considering the time from the beginning of the film and the way it happened, was Loki’s. I mean, really? The god of mischief, the one who has known Thanos for years and even worked for him, tried to stab him with a shiv? There are many rumors around this death, such as: Bruce Banner that landed in Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum isn’t the Bruce Banner that we know but Loki; that guy whose neck we saw being broken wasn’t Loki but his projection; Loki did die in battle order to help the heroes from Valhalla, where he’ll meet The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton is in Endgame) and… Ultron?! All these theories have supporting grounds that would take the whole issue if I start explaining them, but they all exist.
  • Will the heroes go back in time? Probably, the most famous theory. We have the photos from shooting, where we see the heroes during their Battle For New York time, with old costumes on and stuff. We had Michelle Pfeiffer’s Wasp warn Scott Lang to not get sucked in the time vortex. We didn’t have anything time-jumping related in the trailers but that old recording of Scott Lang knocking at the Avengers’ facility front door. Will Avengers complete their own Gauntlet using that sample that we saw in Thor: Ragnarok or the one on Eitri’s planet, Nidavellir? Will they destroy all the stones? Questions are too many.
  • Last but not least, Avengers: Endgame comes to Studio123 on the 24th of April, so be sure to go and see it all! Due to the most recent news, the movie’ll last for three hours, so make sure to have enough time to go experience it!