Hello everybody


and welcome to my first editorial! Well, also it might be the last one as my studies here already come to an end soon. For the ones who don´t know me yet, my name is Lena, I am from Germany and I had the pleasure to do an exchange semester here at XAMK.
Who also has the feeling that the semester just flew by within one second? On the other hand, the time only flies so fast when you enjoy it a lot, so it is also a very good sign. But yes, I get super sentimental when I think about leaving XAMK, the Insider and Finland soon.

April Fool’s day already passed, and I hope you enjoyed playing some pranks to your friends (especially when they were the ones we recommended you) or you got pranked nicely! Anyway, April is here and so does the spring – at least it feels like it! Who also starts their day lately with some more joy than usually because of all the spring vibes?

Let´s see what the issue this week will bring along! First of all, Long gives us some more inspirations for summer vacations in south east Asia, this time he will cover places in Vietnam. It is definitely worth to read if you want to gather special insights and saver tips.

Who also has the dream to continue their student life forever? Well sadly (or luckily) for most of us this is not reality and sooner or later we will have to work, work, work, work, work. Marija will give us some tips how to be prepared for life after XAMK and give an insight about what might come after the good old student life so don´t miss it.

The profile is this week about a French exchange student called Maud. Sadly, this is the last week that our Lizzy was writing the profile because she wants to write more creative, but luckily our dear Anna will cover the profile from next weeks issue on! Let´s all thank Lizzy for her great job with the profiles and all the interesting students she introduced to us, thank you Lizzy! We are looking forward to reading more interesting things from you in the future.

Muhammet visited the American Football Team practices in Kouvola and will introduce us to this interesting sport, in fact I didn´t even knew that they played here in Kouvola until I read his article! Where, when and what – read it and you will know more.

Liidia will travel with us to Spain and explore with us the mysterious place “Las cuevas del Drach”. Sounds scary? Might be due to the fact that these caves are called Dragon caves! But don´t worry, these places are world wide known for its unique look and luckily not for its dragons. Stay tuned.

A sentimental throwback to our childhood will bring the movie review this week. It is about the movie Dumbo which became a live-action remake. Very interesting and you maybe gain more insights about the message behind the story than you did as a child. Not only watching the movie but also to read this article will amaze you.

I hope you will have a lot of joy with this week’s Issue – I definitely had! Have a nice week and see you soon.

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