Tretyakov galery


The Tretyakov Gallery is one of the most outstanding and famous museums in the world, located in Moscow, the capital of Russia. The museum was created on the initiative of a wealthy philanthropist – Pavel Tretyakov. The museum building houses a huge number of works of art brought to Moscow from all over the world. 

Some interesting facts about the Tretyakov Gallery: 

  1. The idea for the creation came to Pavel Tretyakov after visiting the St. Petersburg Hermitage (another famous museum in Russia). 
  1. Tretyakov’s biographers believe that the first paintings in his collection were “Temptation” by the artist N. Schilder and “Clash with Finnish Smugglers” by V. Khudyakov. The canvases were purchased on May 22, 1856, when Pavel Mikhailovich was only 23 years old. 
  1. Initially, only members of the imperial family and their entourage could visit the museum. 
  1. At the time of the opening of the museum, there were already more than a thousand paintings in it. 
  1. In his will, Tretyakov wrote that entrance to the museum should be exclusively free. Unfortunately, at the moment the last will of the patron is not being fulfilled and you have to pay to enter the museum. 
  1. The museum has 106 halls, which totals 35.6 thousand square meters. 
  1. The largest painting presented in the gallery collection is considered to be “The Appearance of Christ to the People.” The canvas belongs to the brush of Alexander Ivanov. The masterpiece of the Russian painter measures 7.5 m by 5.4 meters. According to historical chronicles, the artist spent twenty years creating the painting. 

The museum has 14 branches and at the moment 2 more are building in Russia – in Kaliningrad and Volgograd. 

If you ever decide to go to Moscow, you must visit this museum. This is one of the country’s most important assets. This is what we are proud of. The museum is imbued with the history of the peoples of the world and their special and unique culture. 

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