Welcome, and welcome back


As a new journey begin, we will always have to say welcome. But before that, in our insider team, we would like to say our goodbyes first. We will have good time with new the people amongst us for sure but we will sure miss the people that we separate our paths with.

I would like to thank Polina, Leif, Trang, Marija, Lena, Gloria and Elizabeth for their help to the Insider for the last year. Unfortunately, we are losing Long as well but he is helping to the printing for the next two issues we are going to publish. So, a special thank goes to him as well. I wish all of them the best future they could get for their life. The Insider thank you all!

With all the goodbye, there is the welcome. The Insider would like to welcome every new student to our school. We will make sure to let them know what is going on around the school and the city as their weekly magazine. We also would like to say welcome back to our teachers, staff and the students. We would like to hope that everyone will have fortunate year as our studies go on.

In this issue, Our editor in Chief is going to tell you about the Fashion, Trends, and Future. Make sure to check it out and you can be the most fashionable character of the year.

Liidia is going to tell you about a different holiday, The knowledge day. Take you time to explore a different culture and different holiday experiment.

Our new member, Prakhar, is going to give you a profile. The interesting person, Ari Lindeman, explains to us about a help organization to our students for student-led start-ups. Make sure to read it because you will need money.

This week is going to be good to entrepreneurs because Anna is giving us insights of an event took place in St. Petersburg. Start-up school event. She has attended to is and she is sharing her experience in there for all of us.

Make sure to check our movie rewiev, Nikita has pledged his time to watch a movie for you and he is going to give you his thoughts on it.

I hope you enjoy our first issue of the new academic year. Insider is happy to be back. We will be in touch.

Muhammet Cakiroglu

Muhammet Cakiroglu
Muhammet Cakiroglu

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