When was the last time you did something for the ‘first time’? 

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I have always been a hunter for the ‘first times’ in my life. First degree, first job, first car, first love, first kiss and the list goes on. These instances have brought me immense satisfaction as a human being and also created pride in myself with the feeling of maturity of reaching goals I dreamt when I was a kid.

Keeping my foot in Europe for the ‘first time’, I would say that I’m already in love with the energy and the ambiance here and I’m honestly excited for the ‘first times’ that I would experience in this mesmerizing continent. 

Having said that, can you guess who had the ‘first sight’ of Northern lights? I wish I could prove myself when I say this; I’m so obsessed with the Aurora Borealis. There was a time when I saved pictures and reels that were streaming on my social media platforms with the hope of witnessing this magical creation with my own eyes and yes, I consider myself lucky as I had a glimpse of the Aurora on Monday. It was midnight and freezing cold outside but I had to step out because I could not especially miss this ‘first time’ for the world.

Aurora Borealis

These silky dancing specters appear as green or violet sheets, swaying silently allowing their viewers to catch a complete as well as a satisfied appearance. For newbies such as me, staring at this picturesque phenomena felt surreal for a moment and I came in with the craving of watching this every night and also ended up installing certain apps that provided information on Northern lights to my cellular phone.

The pleasure this sight brought to my life is so calming and peaceful as I am yet adapting to settle in Finland while attempting hard enough to have a break from the memories of my motherland and build my home in this beautiful country. Even though I had always been chasing the ‘first times’ in my life after working hard for them, this ‘first time’ of witnessing the Aurora Borealis is absolutely special as it did not cost any degree of my effort to make myself happy or feel satisfied.

Hence, be considerate of the strange yet extraordinary opportunities life provides you with as they can be your ‘first times’ that will leave you with beautiful memories for a lifetime.