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Time is the enemy. Good luck for the super-tense 2 hours! 

Quite often, we’re too busy talking about the horrors of the WWII that we forget the misery WWI brought. This is where the timeline of the movie comes in, set in the May of 1917, the peak of WWI when the Allied powers were busy fighting the German troops on the western front, the time is most important factor as 2 British corporals need to complete a mission which has more than 1600 lives on stake, including one of the soldier’s brother. 

It is quite fair to assume that most of the people know this movie for the fact that it has been nominated for countless awards, including the upcoming Oscar 2020, while already winning some big ones like the Golden Globes, USA.  

Now, normally when people walks into theatre to watch a movie that has been so highly rated even before its release, there are two segments of viewers – one, the people who are sceptical about the movie and think that going with the critics was an utter waste of their time, while the other, which are just captured by the brilliance of such movie just like many big critics. In simple words, people who like or dislike the movie. 

When I walked out after the premiere, I realized that this movie wasn’t made to segregate its audience in these two categories. For instance, if someone was not impressed by the acting, they’d still be in love with the way this movie was directed or if someone had problems with the script, they’d forget about it for the beautiful poetry and dialogues that the movie has and so on. This movie is a perfect reminder why there shouldn’t be a third world war, which is quite a trending topic these days. 

Hats off to Sam Mendes, who has done a brilliant work in directing this movie as One Shot which keeps the audience on their toes throughout its 120 min of runtime, making it one of the most interesting and tense movies recently. The movie has been written like a poem in which the whole crew came together to deliver a brilliant artwork. I’d love to discuss the cast and their amazing performance, but then again, you’re welcome for <NO SPOILERS!>. 

No matter if you are a fan of war-movies, played one-too-many Call of Duty and Battlefield campaigns or just a casual movie viewer, it is safe to say that you wouldn’t be disappointed to spend your money for this.