5 ways to improve your sleep


It’s not a secret that sleep is one of the most important processes. It influences on our health, behaviour and knowledge. Good sleep makes us more productive, fresh and improve the level of life at all. Most students don’t understand the importance of this process and give it the lowest priority. In this case the risk of worse efficiency, problems with heart, overweight and even depression are much higher.

This are the 5 rules that will improve your sleep and #worklifebalance.

1. Do not drink coffee and eat products which contain caffeine (cola, chocolate, some sorts of tee and etc.) after 6p.m. 50% of one caffeine doze will dissolve in 5-6 hours and another 50% won’t help you to reach enough good sleep because organism will be trying to split the remaining doze instead of deep sleep.

2. Sport and other activities will help you to sleep better and have more deep sleep but only not later than several hours before going to bed because of adrenaline ejection. It’s a good idea to make a short walk before going to bed. Walk throw the park or forest, meditate and make yourself calm. Think about the day and be grateful for the experience that this day gave you.

3. Day sleep in the first part of the day (until 3 p.m.)  is a great idea because it makes your brain fresh and ready to work. 15- 30 minutes sleep could help you to survive second part of the day but sleep after 3 p.m will lead troubles with falling asleep at night. So before going to sleep in the middle of the day think about the approaching night and be ready for insomnia.

4. Try not to work, eat and watch Netflix in your bed. This place needs to associate only with sleep. Try to find other places to relax and chill. Leave the bed alone.

5. Open the windows in bedroom and switch all lights off. Total darkness and fresh air will help your mind to calm and get ready for a good night. Putting all electronic devices far away from your bed will reduce the risk of surfing the internet all night long. Also it’s a good idea to switch sound off on telephone. iPhone has a special “night mode”. This mode gives an opportunity to mute all of the notifications on your phone except the sound of alarm clock.

Remember that you do not need to follow all rules, just start with the easiest for you and the most comfortable. Sleep is like a free magic pill for a better quality of life that everybody could eat.

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