My name is Marian Keinan and I currently live in Helsinki. I am originally from Ethiopia, but I grew up in Finland, so I speak in addition to Finnish four other languages and these are Amhara, Somali and English. Before this study program, I have been living and studying for a few years in the Netherlands. It was an experience that has taught me to be independent and persistent. Additionally, I learned how someone‚Äôs upbringing and culture shape their perception. It was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. 

 After coming back to Finland, I have been working in sales and my interest in that world grew because of it and this was one of the reasons I applied for this program. In addition to working in sales, I have also started working on my own small skincare company. It focuses on natural ingredients that are from Africa. 

 My hobbies include ballroom dancing, editing videos on imovies, nature hiking, and following fashion and makeup. I specifically like to read fashion magazines such as vogue and essence. I focus on recycled clothes because I find the current fashion industry to be very unethical (child labor, pollution, and overproduction). With makeup, I prefer it to be cruelty-free and as natural as possible. 

 When it comes to my personality, I am a very team-oriented, hard worker, easy to get along with, and considerate person. I work hard towards the team’s common goal and do my best to give a good outcome.

  • Marian