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Volume 26, Issue 21

Finland is a country that values 5R concepts very much. As an International Student, I have witnessed this since my very first day in Finland. Reuse, recycle, reject, repair & reduce are the categories of this concept. In Kouvola also there are some real-time examples for this 5R. Let’s have a look at such practices in Kouvola.

Parik Ekomaa (Previously known as Goodwill) is one of the famous recycling centers in Kouvola. People can hand over their unwanted stuff to this center during the allocated hours. Also, they provide free pick-up services if there is anything to be collected. The most important thing is Parik Ekomaa has a special colour code for every week which gives discounts throughout the week. Customers can get massive discounts for that colour code every Saturday.

Kouvola Roskalava is another interesting social media group on Facebook. People post their unwanted things for others free of charge. The items will be given to the one who comments on the post quickly. Sometimes people arrange free delivery as well if you do not have a vehicle to transport the requested goods.

S-group supermarkets and some K-group supermarkets are having an evening sale in their outlets as a waste control method. Most of the time they put 30% or 50% discounts on goods. During the last operating hour, the discount rises to 60%.  Also, during the morning hours, some of the supermarkets arrange special packs for discounted prices as a method to attract customers as well as manage their high waste percentage.

In summary, the mentioned good practices have generated a positive outcome for society as well as for organizations. Such practices should be promoted more within the community as a sustainable approach as a country. However, Finland is far ahead compared to other countries when looking at the sustainability aspects, even with simple initiatives.

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