VR – My Experience as a Student Traveler

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Vol. 26, Issue 22, 05 April 2024
As a student living in the capital region of Helsinki who attends the university in Kouvola, one of the difficult journeys that students need to go through is putting up with the daily travel of 320+km. the need to travel such distances can be weary sometimes but fear not, as VR-Yhtymä Oyj formerly known as Suomen Valtion Rautatiet (Finnish State Railways) got you covered.

VR Group PLC aka VR is one of the most significant rail operators in the Finnish transport sector. Finland began rail transportation between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna in 1862. Over the next decades, several main lines and smaller private railways were constructed. VR mostly ran on the popular major lines. Most privately owned railroads were forced to close over the 20th century and VR came to control the rail industry. The business underwent a corporatization process in 1995, becoming the VR Group.

One of the remarkable aspects of VR is its commitment to sustainability. Finland, known for its environmental consciousness has found a reliable ally in its railway system. VR has been steadily reducing its carbon footprint by investing in cleaner technologies and promoting eco-friendly practices. From energy-efficient trains to waste reduction initiatives, VR is paving the way for greener transportation in Finland.
As a passenger, people can benefit from VR’s dedication to enhanced passenger experience. From spacious seating and comfort of different classes with extra legroom to onboard amenities like Wi-Fi and dining options at onboard restaurants ensures that every journey is as pleasant and comfortable as it gets. Through their understanding of the importance of punctuality and reliability, VR tries their best to provide an interrupted service which is very important for long-distance traveling students like us.

in situations like traveling where there might be idle time that can be utilized productively, as a student handling assignments and tasks while traveling makes the most of our time. Via multitasking, we can develop skills like organization, time management and prioritization. These abilities are crucial for everyday life and professional situations in addition to helping students succeed academically. By providing connectivity through onboard Wi-Fi and amenities like power outlets to keep our devices charged while traveling, VR helps students like us to optimize our time and ensure we stay on top of our academic responsibilities by providing excellent service.

In conclusion, apart from the benefits and the comforts of their services, VR plays in huge role in connecting communities across the country and rather than just being a railway company, it plays its role as a symbol of Finnish ingenuity, sustainability and Connectivity. Whether you are a daily traveler to work or studies or just visiting loved ones, the reliability of VR’s services makes it an essential part of the daily lives of Finns living across the country.