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On valentines day, most of the people have reservation on the fancy restaurants. A romantic night out with the beloved one and maybe some vine after the meal and walk in the end of the night, going back home. This plan is great. Everyone likes that. But what is even better? Put on your apron and cook the meal for yourself. Today, we are going to give you the recipe for a nice, soft and tasty meat.  

To make sure you reach out to the best taste, you need the right piece of meat. Go to market and find a tenderloin. Size and amounth of it is of course in your decision. Remember, you need at least 5-6 hours before you cook it. Because the secret of this is to marinate the meat first. We are going to give you a recipe on how to marinate the meat and you can get the soft, restaurant quality meat taste. And your partner will be happy with the result. Promise made. 


1 glass of milk 

1 teaglass of olive oil 

2 dessert spoon of thyme 

1 piece of garlic 

2 dessert spoon of chili pepper 

2 dessert spoon of black pepper 

1 small branch of rosemary 

There will be no salt for marinating, the salt will be added while the meat is being cooked. 

We need a deep tray, preferably glass. Just deep enough that the meat will be in there and the marinate sauce can cover the whole meat, so the meat will be inside the sauce and will have no connection with air. Try not to put the meats on top of each other. 

After you place the meat in the tray, pour the milk and the olive oil in it. Try to massage the meats just a little bit and make sure it is covered by the liquid. Put the thyme in and make sure all the meat is taking some of it. Put the rosemary in it and peppers. Cut the garlic in pieces and create small hole with your knife. Do not go through meat but just a place to stick the garlic in to the meat. And put the garlic in there push them a bit deep into the meat. Mix the whole thing and make sure every ingredients are connected with every meat. The acid in the milk and olive oil, the milk will get softer and the spices will give taste to the meat. When it is ready, cover it with stretch and make sure it does not get air in it. Put it in the fridge and make sure it waits at least 3 hours and maximum of 2 days in there.  

When the marinating is done, here comes the secret of cooking meat. Put olive oil in your pan. Preferably it should be griddle. It is made from iron and it is a heavy kind of a pan. Put on the fire of your stove, and wait till the pan is hot. Make sure the pan is hot enough. Put your meat in to the pan and hear the satisfying voice. Cook each side for about 2-3 minutes. Depending on the thickness of your meat but the idea of this is to seal the meat so it holds to the water of it. 

Put cooking paper on your baking tray and when the meat is sealed, put it on the baking tray. Make your oven 210 Degrees and cook the meat about 30 minutes in it. This can depend on how you prefer.  

Prepare yourself some side dish with it. Since this is Finland, I am guessing potato should be fine with some green stuff.  

Light your candle. Pick a movie from our valentines day suggestions and have romantic meal before the movie. Find a good vine, watch a romantic movie after the meal and enjoy your night. 

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